To stay relevant and competitive, you need
a Cloud-Native solution.

The safest and quickest way to have a cloud-native solution is to modernize your traditional n-tier web application progressively.

With our extensive experience in software product engineering and application modernization, we deliver a safe and reliable transition.

Our progressive approach to application modernization

We have developed a very effective “Progressive Application Modernization” (PAM) methodology/approach for low-risk, low-cost incremental modernization that delivers value at every stage of the modernization.

Raykor Progressive Application Modernization (PAM)

Assessment Service

For an exquisitely planned and flawlessly executed cloud transformation, a holistic assessment of your application portfolio is essential.

Our cloud architects will engage with your teams to analyze your business needs, priorities, impacts, dependencies, cost implications, and risks associated with application modernization.

We use Gartner’s TIME approach for application portfolio analysis and 5R approach to create a tailored Progressive Application Modernization roadmap.

TIME Tolerate, Invest, Migrate/Modernize and Eliminate

5-RRe-host, Re-platform, Re-architect, Rebuild and Retire

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  • TIME analysis of the application portfolio
  • Prioritized list with 5-R recommendation
  • Tailored cloud adoption roadmap

Application Migration Service

Migrating workloads without any code changes (Lift and Shift) is the fastest and least expensive way for you to start leveraging the more economical and extensible cloud infrastructure.

Our cloud experts will help you to choose cost-effective cloud services that will deliver optimal performance. Our service delivers lift-n-shift workload migration with minimum downtime; and as part of the migration, we train your operations team on how to effectively manage the new cloud infrastructure.


  • Optimal cloud configuration identification
  • Workload migration and testing
  • Dev and Sysadmin training
  • Monitoring and support for a seamless transition

Application Modernization Service

Modernization is the most critical step in the cloud-native transformation. Our phased modernization plan delivers incremental improvements to application availability, scalability, and security while minimizing business risks.

Our Cloud Architect will redesign the application architecture leveraging in-house and open source tools. Our developers will convert the application components into containerized microservices using agile and DevOps practices.


  • Containerization
  • Microservices conversion
  • Rearchitecting and Rewriting
  • DevOps implementation

Application Optimization Service

To stay competitive in this fast paced digital world, you must maintain higher service levels, deliver innovations faster, and respond swiftly to customer interactions. A well-monitored cloud-native application ensures high availability and performance at optimal cost while delivering continuous improvements in customers experience.

Our team uses various monitoring tools to gather application and environment data for detailed performance analysis. And, we leverage DevOps practices such as CI/CD for quicker customer interactions and to deliver innovations faster.


  • Operationalization
  • Monitoring
  • Innovation
  • Optimization

Whitepaper – Why ISV’s should modernize applications?

For small and midsize ISVs and software driven businesses, this white paper explains how to recognize the need for and the benefits of application modernization along with the risks of NOT modernizing.

The paper briefly explains what application modernization is and the various components of modernization.

Download Whitepaper