Cloud Native Applications

are core to delivering

innovative solutions!

Born in the cloud applications are built for reliability, scalability, security, performance, and quick delivery.

Our cloud expertise and, adaptive and progressive development practices have helped our customers offer next-generation software-based solutions.

What are Born in the Cloud apps?

Traditional software technologies, on-premise infrastructure, and development approaches make software development a costly, lengthy and high-risk affair. It marked by large upfront costs and significant operating expenses. Their scalability and performance is constrained by limited infrastructure resources. Making changes is difficult resulting in slower response to business demands

Born-in-the-cloud apps are designed and developed to provide scalability, elasticity and agility. They are architected to take make use of the infinite infrastructure resources provided by the cloud as and when needed. Constant innovation, feature releases, changes, and upgrades are then essential attributes of a Born-in-the-cloud app. They use best-of-breed technology stack to deliver an optimal performance to the end user.

Born-in-the-cloud apps typically use Cloud-native architecture, Agile development methodology and DevSecOps practices.

Benefits of having a Born in the cloud app ?

With low upfront investments, Born-in-the-cloud apps provide a low floor, high ceiling platform for experimentation. They allow you to leverage the cloud as a force multiplier, fail fast, pivot quickly, and scale on demand.

The agility of Born-in-the-cloud apps allows you to routinely deliver new features, functionalities, and integrations with third party solutions and other cloud services (APIs).

Their flexibility allows you to add and integrate new services to the existing software, drop what does not work, merge different services.

They also make your business expansion into new markets, and geographies relatively smooth.

Development process

Depending on your requirements, for a born-in-the-cloud app we can start with:

  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Prototype
  • MVP

Our cotemporary development practices of iterative development (Agile methodology), automation of testing (Test Driven Development (TDD)), and automated deployments (DevSecOps) allow you to quickly try your new ideas, test them in the market, learn from the feedback, and adopt to customer requirements.

Why Us?

With our experience and expertise in the business and cloud technologies, many start-ups and established domain players have successfully launched born in the cloud apps for AWS and Azure.

We co-innovate with your product managers to translate your domain expertise into commercially successful products/services. Our in-house tools and automation scripts help reduce the time-to-market. Our Agile and incremental dev practices provide you the transparency, agility, and control to quickly respond to market needs. And our cloud-agnostic development approach gives you the flexibility to deploy it on any public or private cloud.
Start building your own next-gen Born in the Cloud app today! Share your vision with us.