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SaaS transformation?

While the need and urgency for adopting a SaaS model are well understood, the amount of work involved is overwhelming for many organizations.

Our clients have completed this seemingly challenging journey very smoothly using our Progressive Application Modernization methodology.

Create truly global apps, at your own pace

SaaS is synonymous with high availability and scalability, and it needs to be secure and compliant with applicable regulations.

The cloud-native architecture allows automatic and dynamic scaling of infrastructure resources as well as the application.

Raykor’s Progressive Application Modernization approach facilitates incremental improvements in the availability and scalability of the application by its gradual enhancement through migration, containerization, and rearchitecting or, in some cases rebuilding.

Create truly global apps

Increase the pace of innovation

Increase the pace of innovation

With a containerized, microservices based cloud-native architecture, your focused teams can deliver application updates and new features faster.

Raykor helps clients adopt Agile and DevOps practices effectively to deliver the software that their customers want, faster. Through the use of tools and automation, we have helped clients to improve collaboration among their teams and increase the pace of software development, testing, and deployment.

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“Cloud Adoption journey of a proofing solution provider
from an on-premise n-tier enterprise solution to a cloud-native SaaS solution”

Upgrade everything, not just the technology

Transition to the SaaS model requires a complete business transformation. ISV’s need to change the way the software is built, deployed, sold, and managed. In addition to your investments in technology, you need to invest in people and processes.

Introducing such a significant organizational change necessitates collaboration with an experienced partner who can effectively demonstrate the value of and lead the change. We, at Raykor, have successfully worked with our clients’ business, development, and operations teams for effective adoption of Agile and DevOps practices.

Upgrade Everything

Whitepaper – Why should ISVs modernize applications?

For small and midsize ISVs and software driven businesses, this white paper explains how to recognize the need for and the benefits of application modernization along with the risks of NOT modernizing.

The paper briefly explains what application modernization is and the various components of modernization.

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