Don’t just migrate!

Containerize your application

to leverage cloud benefits!

Get cloud-native like application availability and faster time-to-market without the cost and complexity of a full application modernization.

Raykor’s Lean Modernization service will containerize and migrate your n-tier web applications to any cloud environment without changing a single line of code for just $4999 and within 4 weeks.
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Up to 99.99% Application Availability without the Cost and Complexity

Mere lift and shift migration to the cloud doesn’t provide any cloud benefits and may even increase the hosting charges.

Application modernization is necessary to reap the full benefits of the cloud. However, as it is an overwhelming, expensive, and long-term endeavor, it is a big decision for small and medium ISVs.

We understand this dilemma of an ISV regarding modernization and have come up with a “Lean Modernization” offering. Lean Modernization helps quickly realize critical cloud benefits without changing a single line of code.

20x Faster Releases with Cloud-ready Apps

Containerization, orchestration, and CI/CD are the building blocks of cloud-native architecture. It leverages the cloud’s elastic infrastructure to provide a resilient (failsafe), scalable, and highly available software that can deliver innovations faster.

Raykor’s “Lean Modernization” service migrates your software to the cloud where your application components run in separate Docker containers which are orchestrated (managed) either by Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. Our service also helps you set up a CI/CD pipeline to automate your software deployment process.

Lean Modernize your application in 4 weeks for $4,999.

Lean Modernization service includes:

  • Analysis of your application portfolio and infrastructure
  • Creation of custom Docker images
  • Containerization of each application component
  • Docker Swarm or Kubernetes orchestrator setup
  • Scalability configuration
  • Cloud infrastructure provision
  • App deployment to the cloud

Note: This service is available for applications consisting of up to 5 application components.

There are no upfront payments and it is fully backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. Modernize your first app in one month. Let us get you started today.