Are business continuity risks holding up your modernization initiative?

A thorough assessment, phased approach, and execution by experts can mitigate business continuity related risks associated with application modernization programs.

Our cloud-native architects and developers have progressively modernized applications without service disruption.

Wholistic assessment for comprehensive planning

A wholistic assessment of your application landscape is fundamental for comprehensive planning and, ultimately, for the success of your application modernization initiative.

An ideal assessment needs to take into account the importance, business impact, dependencies, cost, and risks associated with application modernization.

Our cloud architects have worked with our clients’ business, technical, and operations teams to conduct in-depth assessments and accomplished seamless modernization of their application portfolios.

Wholistic assessment for comprehensive planning

Staged approach to lower the risks

Staged approach to lower the risks

Application modernization is a challenging project for any organization. Particularly for small and midsize ISV’s, and technology driven businesses, it poses significant business risks.

Our approach of progressive application modernization takes each application component through its own modernization life cycle. Each phase of modernization combines various components at different stages of their modernization life cycle. This enables us to continuously deliver value and lower the risks associated with effecting too many changes at the same time.

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Average Assessment Duration
Average Phase Duration
Faster to Production

Proven toolsets for predictable results and speed

The use of in-house software tools, libraries, and frameworks together with our mature DevOps practices speeds up the modernization process and delivers predictable results at reduced costs.

Proven toolsets for predictable results and speed

1 Month

Assessment Duration

2/3 month

Assessment Duration


Assessment Duration