Are you leveraging
cloud computing for
rapid growth and
competitive advantage?

Digitally differentiate yourself in the global marketplace by using a modern software application.

We have helped many businesses across the globe convert their domain expertise into unique software-enabled products and services.

Plan for the failure. Failsafe design.

Ensuring high application availability is critical to winning customer confidence and, ultimately, for the success of your business.

Applications built using cloud-native architecture are designed for high availability and high fault tolerance. Agile and DevOps practices facilitate seamless development and deployment. Alerts from operation monitoring tools allow you to take proactive actions and to optimize use of resources.

Failsafe design

Plan for the future. Build to scale.

Build to scale

You need an application architecture that offers a flexibility to integrate new services and business models as you grow. The application should scale automatically to accommodate varying workloads on its different components.

To ensure that the software will be not limit the growth of your business, build software that can scale with demand. You can benefit from our experience in designing and developing global scale cloud-native apps.

See how we can help you build a software for global reach and growth.

“Cloud Adoption journey of a proofing solution provider
from an on-premise n-tier enterprise solution to a cloud-native SaaS solution”

Your partner in innovation

For converting ideas into digitally enabled products and services, you need a partner who has a product mindset and is proficient in the latest technologies. You will expect the partner to grasp the essence of the idea and use their own imagination and expertise to collaboratively transform it into a complete solution.

Raykor has helped businesses worldwide in translating their expertise in specific domains into differentiated products and services that have software at the core.

Raykor partner in innovation

Whitepaper – Why should ISVs modernize applications?

For small and midsize ISVs and software driven businesses, this white paper explains how to recognize the need for and the benefits of application modernization along with the risks of NOT modernizing.

The paper briefly explains what application modernization is and the various components of modernization.

Download Whitepaper