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Since 2016, Raykor has been helping ISV’s and Software Driven
Businesses across the world build born-in-the-cloud solutions and modernize their legacy applications to a cloud-native architecture.

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What makes us different?


Using a modernization roadmap specifically tailored to your needs, you realize continuous value delivery with minimum business risk. We achieve this by conducting a wholistic assessment and using an incremental and iterative approach to app modernization.


Our in-house software tools, libraries, and frameworks and mature DevOps practices accelerate the modernization process and deliver predictable results at reduced costs.

Skills and Experience

You are supported by a team of specialists. You will benefit from their skills and experience across various industries in developing born-in-the-cloud apps and modernizing Java/.NET web applications to highly available, secure, and scalable cloud-native applications.


Your success is ensured with faster innovation delivery to your customer through mature DevOps and agile practices and the culture of working with clients as one cohesive team.


You can benefit from many modernization cases where we steadily deliver value at a low cost and with low risk.

How we can help?

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Every application doesn’t need modernization or need to go through the entire cycle of modernization. Consult with us to determine if modernization is indeed the solution to your challenges and if so, the steps that would be required to address them.

The development of an effective modernization roadmap depends on good understanding of your business goals, constraints, and challenges. You need a modernization partner who can engage with you early to  gain these crucial insights.

We have extensive experience in traditional application development. You can immediately start using our services for the development/update, testing, and support of your existing applications. With the keen appreciation of your application environment, our cloud architects then craft a tailored modernization roadmap to help you realize your business objectives. In addition, we help you mitigate risks associated with the introduction of significant organizational changes that modernization requires by aligning the teams and streamlining the processes, before the start of your modernization program.

Indeed, certain challenges associated with classic n-tier applications can be addressed quickly by using cloud features or services. You get smart and quick solutions to your specific business challenges by leveraging our expertise and experience on AWS and Azure, and in traditional technologies (Java, .NET and PHP). Our very philosophy behind the “Progressive Application Modernization” approach is that we deliver you value that matters at every stage of the modernization, right from the first stage.

We have rich experience in developing internet applications for our global clients using the classic n-tier architecture, with core technologies such as Java, .NET, .NET Core, and languages such as Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript. Our experience and competencies enable us to better understand your current challenges.

We combine this knowledge with our expertise on cloud services and cloud-native architecture to design a robust and low-risk modernization roadmap.

You save time spent on the creation of exhaustive documentation of your legacy application and minimize risks associated with poor knowledge transfer by working with our cloud experts.

In addition to modernizing your applications, we help you capitalize on new business trends and exploit the latest developments in the cloud technology through ongoing support and optimization of your cloud-native solutions.

How we work together?

We offer flexible customer-Centric engagement models.

Dedicated Team with Elasticity

  • In this engagement model, we provide skilled resources as per your needs that blend in with your team to work as a cohesive team.
  • Our management actively engages with you through quarterly performance reviews at the senior or management level.
  • Each engagement is regularly monitored by our management and value add, in the form of knowledge sharing and training, is always encouraged.
  • This model allows you to elastically scale your dev team to manage workload spikes by engaging our architects, designers, and developers on a need basis.

Project based Team

  • This engagement model is well suited for strategic initiatives, PoCs, pilots, or short-duration assignments with well-defined objectives.
  • In this model, we ensure staffing to match project skillset requirements so as to deliver an exceptional project in a timely manner.
  • We follow our time-tested internal processes derived from Agile, DevOps, and project management best practices unless our client prefers that we follow their processes and practices.

About us

Raykor Technologies

Since 2007, Raykor has been the trusted software development partner of small and midsize technology and consulting companies across the globe.

From 2016, independent software vendors and software driven businesses have used our application development and modernization services to realize cloud benefits. With our low-cost, low-risk progressive modernization approach clients achieve quicker rollout of new features, greatly lowered customer response time, scalable infrastructure, and high availability of the solutions. We offer a full range of cloud adoption services for AWS and Azure that includes born-in-the-cloud application development, assessment, workload migration, cloud-native modernization, support, and application optimization.

We offer flexible customer-Centric engagement models!