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If you build and sell software products or if software is at core of your business, we can help. If you are considering SaaS, we can help you understand what it would mean for you.

If application modernization is your next step, we can help accelerate the journey and share its best practices. Adopting a new way of developing, packaging, delivering and managing software has many risks and challenges.

Raykor’s deep insight into and experience in progressive application modernization has helped numerous ISV’s and software driven businesses transform their monolithic multi-tier web applications into cloud-native solutions. We would love to help you too.

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We understand that you have choices when looking to modernize your software application or to develop a born-in-the-cloud application. However, you would want to work with a company that understands your business and appreciates its uniqueness.

At Raykor, we have been working with software product companies and software driven businesses across the globe from industries such as life sciences, content, media & publishing, and manufacturing industries.

Raykor Technologies has been and continues to be a great partner in upgrading our technological platform to modern standards, ensuring we meet and exceed today’s and tomorrow’s high demands on security, performance and stability. Raykor’s pool of resources with a wide set of skills and experiences, has met our needs for smaller specialized projects (often requiring a single resource) as well as our big modernization project of our whole solution (a specialized team).– A Norwegian Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

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